Young people are dynamic and full of promise, with many different pathways to success.

Hello Insight helps youth development programs continually evaluate and respond to what young people need.

Hello Insight

When we work as a collective, evaluation becomes more accessible and more powerful.

Hello Insight unites a diverse community of young people and programs, using our smart online platform for continuous improvement.

Afterschool programs, summer camps, and youth-serving programs of all types learn from like-minded programs facing similar realities. Together, we all gain access to a new world of insights.

Work as a Collective
We are a growing community of 243 organizations serving 35,000 young people.
Survey Tools for Different Programs and Missions
Our survey tools are built for many types of programs and missions.

Focus on the real impact you’re having.

The experiences you create really have a positive effect on young people. Move beyond counting attendance and program hours and focus on nurturing young people to reach their fullest potential.

Hello Insight uses outcomes in social and emotional learning (SEL) to help you evaluate your program. Our surveys include questions about effective practices, so you can understand your program more deeply. We work with practitioners like you to ensure that our survey tools are relevant and actionable.

Find the tool that’s right for you

Let’s build a better future day by day.

Hello Insight helps you understand each unique group of young people as programs start. We shed light on their strengths and the experiences that can help them grow.

Our reports are powered by predictive analytics, but grounded in daily practice. We help you put what works into action, with specific recommendations for each group of young people in your programs.

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