Hello Insight:

Evaluation Services

Our members can use Hello Insight in a variety of ways to achieve their program goals. To help members integrate Hello Insight into their programs and organizations, we provide support to our members with a wide range of evaluation services. Our overarching approach is participatory and focused on supporting organizational capacity through learning with program participants, staff, and managers.

Plan for Evaluation and Learning

Integrate Hello Insight into your organization’s overall evaluation approach

Key Questions Answered

  • What is our organizations theory of change?
  • What is our organization’s strategic plan or vision for evaluation or program improvement?
  • How can we reach agreement among stakeholders on what should be measured and why?
  • How do the measures in Hello Insight relate to your program outcomes and experiences?

We know that the tools in Hello Insight might be only one piece of your overall story of change. We support evaluation planning by reviewing your existing documents (tools, reports, website, etc.) and working alongside your staff to develop a theory of change, evaluation questions, and an overall evaluation plan. This helps determine if there are areas beyond those in your Hello Insight account that your organization could be tracking. We also review program documents, such as previous evaluations or reports, to demonstrate linkages between your organization’s practices and outcomes with those measured by Hello Insight. This literature review supports our members to communicate the value added by Hello Insight in your organization’s overall evaluation approach.

Gather Evaluation Data

Enrich Hello Insight’s social and emotional learning data with other data collection methods

Key Questions Answered

  • How can we gather SEL-related data from parents, community members, or city agencies?
  • How can we gather data through interviews, interactive small group discussions, observation, and participatory activities?
  • Are there opportunities to merge Hello Insight data with other program data or client management systems?

Our members are often interested in exploring additional data collection methods to tell their story of change. We specialize in a broad range of qualitative and quantitative methods, such as interviews, spatial mapping, interactive small group discussions, surveys, and observations. Merging these methods with Hello Insight data adds richness to your evaluation findings.

Understand Your Community

Understand the social and economic conditions that shape SEL opportunities for young people

Key Questions Answered

  • What is the average family income of the young people you are serving?
  • How affordable is housing for families where you work?
  • How can we target our program to young people most in need of social emotional development?

Using existing data and mapping tools, we can support your organization to learn more about the communities you serve. Through community demographic analysis, we compile spatial information that is useful for targeting program services and for identifying the needs of services in underserved locations. These data can be used to paint a compelling portrait of the social and economic conditions of the communities where young people live. These conditions shape the opportunities and experiences youth have for social and emotional learning and healthy development.

Communicate Your Impact

Demonstrate your impact in engaging ways with tailored Hello Insight communications materials

Key Questions Answered

  • How can your organization integrate the results from Hello Insight into a larger program evaluation report?
  • What are the most effective ways of communicating the results from Hello Insight with funders?
  • How can your story of change be shared with different audiences, including young people and community members?

Hello Insight’s online reports are available to all of its members in real-time, but we can also prepare a broader evaluation report or a focused and tailored evaluation brief to communicate the process and results to various stakeholders. Our team of experts have extensive experience in promoting the uptake and use of evaluation results through interactive presentations and briefs that appeal to funders as well as community members. We can also support members in communicating their program theory of change through graphic diagrams such as concept maps.

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