Hello Insight:

Integrating Hello Insight Into Program Practice

We know how important it is to build the capacity of your staff and to empower them in understanding the research behind Hello Insight. We offer tailored capacity building approaches to meet the needs of your clients, program managers, and staff. Our team of experts have substantial experience developing evaluation capacity, data-driven program planning and improvement, and adult learning.

Custom Curriculum for Hello Insight Program Implementation

Engage staff and empower them to integrate Hello Insight into their program approach

Key Questions Answered

  • Why is social and emotional learning (SEL) important, and how are we addressing it in our program?
  • How are we currently addressing SEL in our program practices?
  • What are the most effective ways for gathering survey data with young people?
  • How do we integrate survey administration into our program activities?

Our team of experts will work collaboratively with relevant staff members to co-develop a custom curriculum that supports the ongoing implementation of Hello Insight within your program. The curriculum includes six, 1.5- to 2-hour capacity building sessions for three program sites and a program-specific Hello Insight curriculum guide for survey administration and reflection. Participants will learn how to effectively administer surveys and how to weave research-based frameworks into logic models and/or program narratives.

Learning Forums for Program Staff

Enhance staff capacities in SEL through collaborative learning and reflection with Hello Insight members

Key Questions Answered

  • What does Hello Insight report data tell us about our program and areas for growth?
  • How do we use the results from Hello Insight for ongoing program improvement?
  • What are the most effective ways of sharing and discussing the results with different stakeholders?

We encourage our members to learn more about social and emotional learning through our learning forums. We offer cohort trainings for small groups of like-minded nonprofits that focus upon making meaning of the data with different stakeholders and how to utilize the data for ongoing program improvement.

Introduction to Hello Insight for Managers and Funders

Learn the science of SEL and build skills to empower grantees through Hello Insight

We offer custom training for intermediary organizations and funding partners who support their grantees or clients through a train-the-trainer approach, particularly related to the use of Hello Insight’s tools and findings. The training focuses upon understanding the research behind Hello Insight’s capacities and summarizes lessons from the data provided by our community. Participants will learn how to incorporate SEL findings into fund development plans and external communications as well as how to integrate Hello Insight data into existing monitoring and evaluation approaches.

Key Questions Answered

  • What does the evidence tell us about the importance of social and emotional learning for young people?
  • How can we contribute to the Hello Insight community and broader youth development field?
  • How do we integrate the data from Hello Insight into fund development and evaluation?

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